Earn a Double Degree with our UK Partner: King’s College London


Earn a Double Degree in Asian & International Affairs

Spending one year at Renmin University in Beijing, and one year at King’s College London, you can earn a Double Master Degree in Asian and International Affairs.

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About the Program

Co-established by the School of International Studies’ Contemporary China Studies Program at Renmin University of China (RUC), and the Department of European and International Studies at King’s College London (KCL), this Double degree program is a two-year program, in which students spend

  • the first year studying Asian affairs at Renmin University in Beijing, and
  • the second year studying International Affairs at King’s College London.

After completing all requirements in both universities, the students are awarded two master degrees by two of the world’s most prestigious universities in their respective fields.

About the Universities

As leading and highly influential teaching and research bases in the fields of political science and international studies in both, China and Britain, Renmin University and King’s College London offer students of this program the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of politics, economics, and society of Asia and Europe – condensed into two academic years.

While living and studying in two of the world’s most dynamic and exciting cities of Beijing and London – each with their own vibrant academic communities – our young scholars from around the globe can work together to expand their experience, knowledge, and insights, with the overall goal of contributing to a better understanding of and between Asia and Europe.

Program Candidates

The RUC-KCL double degree program recruits students from all over the world, fostering a unique multidisciplinary and multinational environment in which diverse backgrounds and experiences enhance rigorous academic study.

Application Details

While all successful candidates must apply to (and be admitted by) both programs, specific application modalities vary depending on candidates’ nationality. Please find below the application details for students from:

Candidates from mainland China, please find your application procedures in the following document:

Application Details for Mainland China Candidates

Candidates holding identity cards from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, please:

  1. First, register with the RUC Graduate School at[…] (by December 15th),
  2. Then, apply online through the King’s College website at[…].

Candidates from elsewhere in the world, please follow the application procedures below:

  1. Apply to King’s College London vie their website:[…].
  2. Once you got an admissions offer from King’s College, please apply to us through our RUC Int’l Students Office online application system (when you submit your application, please clearly state your application status with King’s College).
  3. Once you successfully passed our application process, you will receive a pre-admission letter (digital copy) – usually within two weeks of a positive admissions decision. This pre-admission letter may serve you as proof of admission for any visa or scholarship applications.
  4. Official admission letters will be mailed to your post address after June 15th. Along with your admission package you will also receive the on-campus accommodation application form. As the number of on-campus apartment rooms is limited, international students who intend to live on-campus are advised to book their room as soon as they receive the admission package.

Program Tuition

Tuition for the first year at Renmin University is RMB 60,000, and is due during registration at the beginning of first year.

For tuition details in the second year of the program at King’s College London, please visit their program website at[…].

Scholarships & Financial Support

Various forms of financial support and scholarships are available to students of the double degree program at both institutions. During the first year at Renmin University, the following options are available:

Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) scheme provides full and partial scholarships to international students studying in China. Full scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, living allowance and medical insurance. Partial scholarship covers a part of tuition fees, accommodation, living allowance and medical insurance. For more details and application, please visit

Students who would like to apply for CGS are required to submit all the application documents to the program office by March 25th in order to be considered for this award.

Program Tuition Scholarship

The program tuition scholarship offers tuition scholarships to excellent candidates in order to support them in their studies. Up to 50% of each intake can be awarded with a half tuition scholarship. Up to 10% of each intake can be awarded with a full tuition scholarship. These scholarships are provided by a variety of funding bodies,each with different requirements and awarding criteria. Most scholarships will be awarded according to the candidates’ academic performance.

To be considered for a program tuition scholarship, please include the scholarship application form as well as a scholarship statement in your application profile.

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