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Renmin University

The Contemporary China Studies program resides within the School of International Studies at Renmin University of China. It is among China’s earliest institutes engaging in teaching and research of political science and international affairs. With enduring efforts made by generations of Renmin University scholars over the past sixty years, the school has built strong academic traditions and has accumulated invaluable expertise and experiences. Renmin University’s School of International Studies attracts the brightest minds and experts in their fields to join its faculty, and the school has become a leading and influential teaching and research base in the fields of political science and international studies in China.

Program Faculty

The professors who teach at the China Studies Program are among the leading minds in their fields and enjoy outstanding reputations in China and beyond. The entire faculty holds PhD degrees, and many have spent years abroad and thus master the art of looking at China through combined perspectives, both from the outside and from within. It is common for our professors to serve as policy advisers to the government, and as consultants to think tanks, and to leading research institutions and organizations.

Faculty Introduction
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