China Studies – Core and Elective Courses


CCSP Courses

Each semester, students will enroll in all substantive core courses offered. First year students will also attend regular lecture series each term. Finally, although no Chinese language proficiency is required to enter the program, all students are required to take at least one semester of Chinese language.

The list on the right shows recent years’ course offerings. Please note that this list is not final as CCSP’s courses vary slightly based on current trends and developments. In addition, a selection of additional elective courses from other departments are also open to CCSP students.

Course Details

Course List

  • Contemporary Chinese Foreign Policy (3 Credits)
  • Contemporary Chinese Society (3 Credits)
  • Key Issues and Institutions of Modern-Day China – Lecture Series & Visits (2 Credits)
  • Research Methods for Social Sciences (3 Credits)
  • Methodologies in China Studies (3 Credits)
  • Asia-Pacific Energy Cooperation (4 Credits)
  • Asian-Pacific Security and Strategy (4 Credits)
  • Contemporary Sino-European International Relations (2 Credits)
  • Development Studies and International Studies: Strangers or Colleagues? (2 Credits)
  • Basic / Intermediate Chinese Language (4 Credits)
  • Contemporary Chinese Politics & Governance (3 Credits)
  • Contemporary Chinese History & Culture (3 Credits)
  • China’s Foreign Economic Relations (3 Credits)
  • The Political Economy of China and Developing Countries Relations (2 Credits)
  • Sino-US Relations (2 Credits)
  • Methods of Academic Paper Writing (1 Credit)
  • Key Issues and Institutions of Modern-Day China – Lecture Series & Visits (2 Credits)
  • Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Area (2 Credits)
  • Nations and Nationalism in East Asia (3 Credits)
  • Investment in China (2 Credits)
  • China in an Uneven International System: Between “Developing” and “Developed” Worlds (2 Credits)
  • Historical Sociology of International Relations (2 Credits)
  • Intermediate / Advanced Chinese Language (2 Credits)

Chinese Language

Course Details Availability: Fall and Spring Semester Course Type: Core (in Fall), Elective (in Spring) Credit Count: 4 (core course), 2 (elective course) Instructor: Prof Zheng Yuntian Course Overview Chinese Language   Acquiring and [...]


Investing in China

Course Details Availability: Fall Semester Course Type: Core Credit Count: 2 Instructor: Prof Lin Chongecheng Course Overview Investing in China The embracing of globalization in China has led to policy reform and the liberalization of [...]