The Type of Candidate we are looking for


Undergraduate Degree

At the time you enroll, you must hold a BA or BS degree in a related field, or an equivalent level of education from a recognized university. We expect a strong academic track record and you will be asked to submit your diploma(s), transcript(s), and letters of recommendation as evidence.

Strong Work Ethic

Coursework during your first two semesters is quite intense, and you need to be able to manage a substantial workload of readings, class assignments, presentations, term papers, etc. In addition, some of our courses and lectures by visiting scholars or experts are often arranged during evening hours.

Cultural Openness

You must be open to learn a new culture and language, and to immerse yourself in your environment here in China. Chinese language skills are not a requirement for admission, but will certainly make your life in China easier, and Chinese language classes are a core component of the program.

English Proficiency

You must be fluent in English at a level that allows you to follow and contribute to your coursework and to write a papers and a thesis. Our minimum English proficiency scores are TOEFL iBT: 98, TOEIC: 900, or IELTS 6.5. Holding an undergraduate degree taught in English may also qualify.

Interest in IR and Politics

While a formal background in international relations is not required (our students come from a variety of backgrounds), you should have a strong interest in IR, politics, or in related fields. Many of the program’s core courses lie in these areas and you may specialize through your course selection.

Passionate about China

China is unique and likely very different from your home country. Life in China can be challenging (especially at the beginning) an you must be ready to manage your life here relatively independently. Through a number of activities and services will will also help you get started here in China.

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We will start accepting Applications for our 2021 Fall Intake from November 2020.